Professional History

Professional Projects
Stricter/More Efficient Energy Use Model for Printers
Developed model for a consulting firm that advises power companies in the Pacific northwest resulting in 40% savings compared to the current Energy Star specifications. Monte Carlo simulations were conducted with modified duty cycles. Approximately 30% of the printers currently on the market meet this specification. Home and office duty cycles were tested on ink jets, mono lasers, and color lasers.

Solar Array System - patented roof shingle product
Start-up renewable energy company designed a click-able system of roof panels that resemble classic shingle design. Calculated temperature/pressure tolerance of internal element under the physical strain of the laminating process.

Automated Vehicle Identification at a Distance
SBIR Collaborative Proposal for Special Operations Command (not funded). Solution needed to include off-the-shelf technology. Proposed solution consisted of license plates with retro-reflector bar code overlays. From distance, infrared lasers would scan and read the bar code then query the database to determine if the vehicle is registered as friendly. view full proposal

Heat Transfer Model with Discontinuous Boundary Conditions
3-D heat transfer model of ice sphere floating in water. Air temperature = 0 degrees Celsius and water temperature > 0 degrees Celsius, therefore boundary conditions were discontinuous at the water surface.

Current Work
Web development, database construction and analysis, modeling, consulting.

Instructor - New Mexico Tech
Engineering Science (ES) 110 - Introduction to Engineering Design.
Engineering Science (ES) 111 - Introduction to Programming for Engineers. Primary language: Matlab

Analyst - Undisclosed Employer
Algorithm testing. Detail of work is classified.

Head Soccer Coach - New Mexico Tech
Head Coach for the New Mexico Tech Miners Men's Soccer Club

Head Soccer Coach - Socorro High School
Head Coach for the Socorro Warrior High School Boys Soccer team.

Past Employment
Research Assistant - Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center
Developed close-range blast model for explosives from conservation integral equations.

Instructor - Socorro Family School
Secondary (6-12) instructor for the Socorro Consolidated School System's Family School. Focus on Math, Science, Computer Programming and Technology.

Lab/Classroom Instructor - New Mexico Tech
Preparation and presentation of lectures, supervision of group work, writing and grading tests and quizzes.

Lab Assistant - New Mexico Tech
Duties include: Setting up all freshman physics labs, provide feedback on success and/or failure of trial lab experiments, and help develop new lab experiments for the freshman lab. Writing modified laboratory experiment manual.

Physics Tutor
Assist fellow classmates/undergraduates in all areas of physics. Helped staff a weekly help session for undergraduate physics students.

Math Tutor
Assist fellow classmates/undergraduates in all areas of mathematics.

Telescope Operator - Etscorn Observatory
Worked at the campus observatory configuring telescope, mount, computer, and software. Helped develop pointing model, assisted in star parties, and private tours.

Instructor - University of New Mexico
College Algebra

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